Afternoon Express


If you missed the Live Broadcast of my interview on Afternoon Express with Good Hope FM Team members then HERE IT IS!;) 

Its always exciting to get a call up to be on National Live Television and so when Afternoon Express invited myself and 3 Good Hope FM colleagues, we had no hesitation in saying "Yes please!!" We were invited to be on the show for the full 1 hour from 4 - 5pm on SABC 3 to chat about our working relationships in a station that is 50 years old this year.

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Its not my first time being on a Live television show so I wasn't nervous at all as I love knowing that Live TV is like radio, no re-takes or doing it over! Obviously, we had to remember the experience with some (LOTS) of pictures because without a Selfie it didn't happen, right? I will hopefully be updating this post on Monday 27 July 2015 with the Youtube clip of our episode. So make sure you return then please;)

Afternoon Express

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Sandra Rosenburg, Sean Loots (SeanO), Guy McD and Graeme White (The Vanilla Thriller)

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Sandra, Sean, Guy... and Danilo Acquisto prepping himself for the Live show

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The Gorgeous Presenters: Jeannie D and Bonnie Mbuli.

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So gorgeous in fact that the photographer got the shakes in this last pic...

Remember: VIDEO Coming Soon!