Ever wondered...?

So you may have wondered what it is that I do exactly when I'm "Off the Mic"? Well, I try my best to get back ON the Mic actually. One of my passions is Voice over work or Voice Acting or Voice Artistry; whichever you choose, it's always exciting and interesting for me. That's because the work is varied and includes a certain amount of pressure. Why pressure you ask? Well sometimes you can have a Live Studio Audience of up to 10 people!!

Recording Studio 1 resized


Recording Studio 2 resized

You see you will always have the Sound Engineer (That's Stephen in the pics) then you will have Agency folk and sometimes their clients. Agency folk are the brains behind the advertising concept, its rollout, its copywriting, its performance and they can thus be a little stressed. The Client is paying. They want the best product and if you're very lucky, they trust the Agency wholeheartedly and leave most of the decision making to them. If you're unlucky... they will send a number of representatives to sit in the studio and nit-pick the script, the concept and.... Your voice performance! "Too much inflection on 'with' and not enough on 'Deal'" or "Can you read it as if you are a proud storekeeper, but not arrogant, but robust, not hard sell, but with energy..." and so it goes on.

Recording Studio 3 resized

Now the thing is, I LOVE using my voice to take the party of 3 - 10 in studio on a journey through their imaginations and BEYOND! Today I had the opportunity to do 3 Voice over jobs as varied as Government's excuses on Nkandla. I started here at the Workroom in Bo-Kaap with a Voice over for a Mitchum Television Commercial. It was repeat business as I had voiced a similar commercial last year for Mitchum (Revlon) so I was very honoured to be called back again! The Agency sent two lovely ladies and we had an ISDN link-up to the client in JHB. There were 3 of them there and they were so relaxed and happy with my performance! So it was a quick and fun 45mins.

REcording Studio 4 resized

These pics illustrate what a fully kitted Studio looks like and I assure you, this environment encourages professionalism! Later in the day I performed 2 voice overs for internal clients at Algoa FM in Port Elizabeth. Script one was dedicated to selling the Daily Dispatch Newspaper and Script 2.... Well... that was selling a Cattle auction that included 30 Bonsmara Bulls and "pregnant heifers"!! A varied day indeed... and now you know what else I do when Off the Mic;)